Barron s AP World History

Filename: barron-s-ap-world-history.pdf
ISBN: 0764143670
Release Date: 2010-02-01
Number of pages: 491
Author: John McCannon
Publisher: Barron's Educational Series

Download and read online Barron s AP World History in PDF and EPUB Provides basic strategies for taking the exam, questions and explanations about world history from prehistoric to modern times, and two full-length practice tests.

Art in World History

Filename: art-in-world-history.pdf
ISBN: 8809034740
Release Date: 2003
Number of pages: 507
Author: Mary Hollingsworth
Publisher: Giunti Editore

Download and read online Art in World History in PDF and EPUB Covers world art from paleolithic times to the 20th century.

On World History

Filename: on-world-history.pdf
ISBN: 1563245418
Release Date: 1996
Number of pages: 346
Author: Johann Gottfried Herder
Publisher: M.E. Sharpe

Download and read online On World History in PDF and EPUB Johann Gottfried Herder (1744-1803) was an influential German critic and philosopher, whose ideas included "cultural nationalism" - that every nation has its own personality and pattern of growth. This anthology contains excerpts from Herder's writings on world history and related topics.

World History

Filename: world-history.pdf
ISBN: 9712314723
Release Date: 1965
Number of pages: 737
Author: Gregorio F. Zaide
Publisher: Rex Bookstore, Inc.

Download and read online World History in PDF and EPUB

World History of the Customs and Tariffs

Filename: world-history-of-the-customs-and-tariffs.pdf
ISBN: 9782874920219
Release Date: 2003
Number of pages: 306
Publisher: World Customs Organization

Download and read online World History of the Customs and Tariffs in PDF and EPUB

World History of Warfare

Filename: world-history-of-warfare.pdf
ISBN: 0803244231
Release Date: 2002-01-01
Number of pages: 626
Author: Christon I. Archer
Publisher: U of Nebraska Press

Download and read online World History of Warfare in PDF and EPUB This book provides a wide-ranging and comprehensive coverage of warfare across times and cultures. Its main strengths are its ability to provide context for each period discussed, comparison between developments in Europe, Asia, and the colonized world, and critical and up-to-date bibliographies that allow the reader to pursue subjects in greater depth. - Jacket flap.

Speeches in World History

Filename: speeches-in-world-history.pdf
ISBN: 9781438126807
Release Date: 2009-01-01
Number of pages: 673
Author: Suzanne McIntire
Publisher: Infobase Publishing

Download and read online Speeches in World History in PDF and EPUB Features a compilation of the world's greatest speeches, from all major civilizations and throughout history.

World History Ancient and medieval times to A D 1500

Filename: world-history-ancient-and-medieval-times-to-a-d-1500.pdf
ISBN: 0812097653
Release Date: 1997
Number of pages: 512
Author: Charles A. Frazee
Publisher: Barron's Educational Series

Download and read online World History Ancient and medieval times to A D 1500 in PDF and EPUB This volume offers a survey and overview of world history, starting with the earliest-known human settlements and concluding in 1500--the early years of Europe's Renaissance, and in the Americas, the era of the Aztec and Inca empires. Following a summary of prehistoric cultures, the author covers the civilizations of the Fertile Crescent, ancient Egypt, civilization in the Indus and Yellow River valleys, early Mediterranean cultures, India's classical age, the rise of China's dynasties, classical Greek and Roman civilizations, the Islamic world, African kingdoms of the first millenium, Europe's middle ages, the Holy Roman Empire, the Crusaders and their clash with Turks, the Mongol invasion, and the humanism of the early European Renaissance

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Women in World History

Filename: the-oxford-encyclopedia-of-women-in-world-history.pdf
ISBN: 9780195148909
Release Date: 2008
Number of pages: 2752
Author: Bonnie G. Smith
Publisher: Oxford University Press

Download and read online The Oxford Encyclopedia of Women in World History in PDF and EPUB The Encyclopedia of Women in World History captures the experiences of women throughout world history in a comprehensive, 4-volume work. Although there has been extensive research on women in history by region, no text or reference work has comprehensively covered the role women have played throughout world history.The past thirty years have seen an explosion of research and effort to present the experiences and contributions of women not only in the Western world but across the globe. Historians have investigated womens daily lives in virtually every region and have researched the leadership roles women have filled across time and region. They have found and demonstrated that there is virtually no historical, social, or demographic change in which women have not been involved and by which their lives have not been affected. The Oxford Encyclopedia of Women in World History benefits greatly from these efforts and experiences, and illuminates how women worldwide have influenced and been influenced by these historical, social, and demographic changes.The Encyclopedia contains over 1,250 signed articles arranged in an A-Z format for ease of use. The entries cover six main areas: biographies; geography and history; comparative culture and society, including adoption, abortion, performing arts; organizations and movements, such as the Egyptian Uprising, and the Paris Commune; womens and gender studies; and topics in world history that include slave trade, globalization, and disease. With its rich and insightful entries by leading scholars and experts, this reference work is sure to be a valued, go-to resource for scholars, college and high school students, and general readers alike.

Plagues in World History

Filename: plagues-in-world-history.pdf
ISBN: 1442207965
Release Date: 2011-01-16
Number of pages: 256
Author: John Aberth
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

Download and read online Plagues in World History in PDF and EPUB Plagues in World History provides a concise, comparative world history of catastrophic infectious diseases, including plague, smallpox, tuberculosis, cholera, influenza, and AIDS. Geographically, these diseases have spread across the entire globe; temporally, they stretch from the sixth century to the present. John Aberth considers not only the varied impact that disease has had upon human history but also the many ways in which people have been able to influence diseases simply through their cultural attitudes toward them. The author argues that the ability of humans to alter disease, even without the modern wonders of antibiotic drugs and other medical treatments, is an even more crucial lesson to learn now that AIDS, swine flu, multidrug-resistant tuberculosis, and other seemingly incurable illnesses have raged worldwide. Aberth's comparative analysis of how different societies have responded in the past to disease illuminates what cultural approaches have been and may continue to be most effective in combating the plagues of today.

Filmography of World History

Filename: filmography-of-world-history.pdf
ISBN: 0313326819
Release Date: 2007
Number of pages: 232
Author: Deanne Schultz
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

Download and read online Filmography of World History in PDF and EPUB With extensive cross references and production data, filmlovers and students will find this a valuable reference for identifying feature films that take place during a specific period of world history.

A World History of Christianity

Filename: a-world-history-of-christianity.pdf
ISBN: 0802848753
Release Date: 2000-07-05
Number of pages: 608
Author: Adrian Hastings
Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing

Download and read online A World History of Christianity in PDF and EPUB This superb volume provides the first genuinely global one-volume history of the rise and development of the Christian faith. An international team of specialists takes seriously the geographical diversity of the Christian story, discussing the impact of Christianity not only in the West but also in Latin America, Africa, India, the Orient and Australasia.

The Family

Filename: the-family.pdf
ISBN: 9780195338140
Release Date: 2012-07-16
Number of pages: 147
Author: Mary Jo Maynes
Publisher: OUP USA

Download and read online The Family in PDF and EPUB Examines the ways in which differences in gender and generation have affected family relations since 10,000 BCE.

The World History of Beekeeping and Honey Hunting

Filename: the-world-history-of-beekeeping-and-honey-hunting.pdf
ISBN: 0415924677
Release Date: 1999-01
Number of pages: 682
Author: Eva Crane
Publisher: Taylor & Francis

Download and read online The World History of Beekeeping and Honey Hunting in PDF and EPUB This is the first book to explore in detail the world history of humankind's use of bees from prehistoric times to the present day. Both rock art and recent field studies have shown how honey hunters obtained their harvest from bees' nests. Honey has always been the chief prize, but bee brood has been eaten as meat, and beeswax has been utilized in many technologies. Bees, honey, and wax have special symbolic significance in both early beliefs and later world religions. But perhaps bees' greatest benefit has been their pollination of crops.

Technology A World History

Filename: technology-a-world-history.pdf
ISBN: 9780199713660
Release Date: 2009-02-25
Number of pages: 200
Author: Daniel R. Headrick Professor of Social Sciences and History Roosevelt University
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

Download and read online Technology A World History in PDF and EPUB Today technology has created a world of dazzling progress, growing disparities of wealth and poverty, and looming threats to the environment. Technology: A World History offers an illuminating backdrop to our present moment--a brilliant history of invention around the globe. Historian Daniel R. Headrick ranges from the Stone Age and the beginnings of agriculture to the Industrial Revolution and the electronic revolution of the recent past. In tracing the growing power of humans over nature through increasingly powerful innovations, he compares the evolution of technology in different parts of the world, providing a much broader account than is found in other histories of technology. We also discover how small changes sometimes have dramatic results--how, for instance, the stirrup revolutionized war and gave the Mongols a deadly advantage over the Chinese. And how the nailed horseshoe was a pivotal breakthrough for western farmers. Enlivened with many illustrations, Technology offers a fascinating look at the spread of inventions around the world, both as boons for humanity and as weapons of destruction.