A World History of Christianity

Filename: a-world-history-of-christianity.pdf
ISBN: 0802848753
Release Date: 2000-07-05
Number of pages: 608
Author: Adrian Hastings
Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing

Download and read online A World History of Christianity in PDF and EPUB This superb volume provides the first genuinely global one-volume history of the rise and development of the Christian faith. An international team of specialists takes seriously the geographical diversity of the Christian story, discussing the impact of Christianity not only in the West but also in Latin America, Africa, India, the Orient and Australasia.

A Short World History of Christianity Revised Edition

Filename: a-short-world-history-of-christianity-revised-edition.pdf
ISBN: 9781611645514
Release Date: 2014-11-12
Number of pages: 336
Author: Robert Bruce Mullin
Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press

Download and read online A Short World History of Christianity Revised Edition in PDF and EPUB Church historians have long known and appreciated Christianity's global history. Until recently, however, introductory textbooks on the history of Christianity focused almost exclusively on Europe and North America. Robert Bruce Mullins's A Short World History of Christianity, by contrast, offers a panoramic picture of the history of Christianity in its Western and non-Western expressions. It tells the story of the early church in the Greek East as well as the Latin West; of Christianity's spread into Asia as well as Europe during the Middle Ages; and its explosion around the world during the modern period. Mullins's highly readable narrative explores why global perspectives have emerged so strongly in our understanding of the story of Christianity and how they have impacted Christianity's perspective on its place in the world. This newly revised edition adds information on such global phenomena as early Syriac-speaking Christianity; the growth of Pentecostalism around the world, especially in the southern hemisphere; and recent trends in Christianity, including the elevation of the first pope born in the Americas. A time line of key dates, call-out boxes, and other helpful study materials are also provided. Beginning students will appreciate this memorable introduction to the most important events in the history and development of Christianity.

A Short History of Christianity

Filename: a-short-history-of-christianity.pdf
ISBN: 9780857962553
Release Date: 2011-10-26
Number of pages: 640
Author: Geoffrey Blainey
Publisher: Penguin UK

Download and read online A Short History of Christianity in PDF and EPUB For 2000 years, Christianity has had a varying but immense influence on world history. Who better, then, than Geoffrey Blainey, author of the best-selling Short History of the World and one of Australia's most accomplished historians, to bring us a history of this world-changing religion. A Short History of Christianity vividly describes many of the significant players in the religion's rise and fall through the ages, from Jesus himself to Francis of Assisi, Martin Luther, Francis Xavier, John Wesley and even the Beatles, who claimed to be 'more popular than Jesus'. Blainey takes us into the world of the mainstream worshippers – the housewives, the stonemasons – and traces the rise of the critics of Christ and his followers. Eminently readable, and written with Blainey's characteristic curiosity and story-telling skill, this book often places Christianity at the centre of world history. Will it remain near the centre? Blainey points out again and again that its history is a much-repeated story of ups and downs.

History of Christianity

Filename: history-of-christianity.pdf
ISBN: 9781451688511
Release Date: 2012-03-27
Number of pages: 576
Author: Paul Johnson
Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Download and read online History of Christianity in PDF and EPUB First published in 1976, Paul Johnson’s exceptional study of Christianity has been loved and widely hailed for its intensive research, writing, and magnitude—“a tour de force, one of the most ambitious surveys of the history of Christianity ever attempted and perhaps the most radical” (New York Review of Books). In a highly readable companion to books on faith and history, the scholar and author Johnson has illuminated the Christian world and its fascinating history in a way that no other has. Johnson takes off in the year 49 with his namesake the apostle Paul. Thus beginning an ambitious quest to paint the centuries since the founding of a little-known ‘Jesus Sect’, A History of Christianity explores to a great degree the evolution of the Western world. With an unbiased and overall optimistic tone, Johnson traces the fantastic scope of the consequent sects of Christianity and the people who followed them. Information drawn from extensive and varied sources from around the world makes this history as credible as it is reliable. Invaluable understanding of the framework of modern Christianity—and its trials and tribulations throughout history—has never before been contained in such a captivating work.

A Short History of Christianity

Filename: a-short-history-of-christianity.pdf
ISBN: 9780745957388
Release Date: 2012-09-12
Number of pages: 256
Author: Stephen Tomkins
Publisher: Lion Books

Download and read online A Short History of Christianity in PDF and EPUB Worshipped by 2 billion Christians worldwide, Jesus Christ is the most famous human being ever. Stephen Tomkins takes the reader on a enlightening and enjoyable journey through the key stages of Christian development, covering the people, the events, the movements, the controversies and the expansion of the Church in this lively ‘warts and all’ portrait. The book begins with the life of Jesus before looking at the spread of the early church and the Roman Empire. Tomkins then continues the story of Christianity right up to the present day, including discussion of topics such as: the Eastern church, battles between East and West, the Reformation, the Counter-Reformation, the Enlightenment and the impact of science. The author also provides a snapshot of the worldwide church of the 21st century and explores the challenges it faces.

A History of Christianity in India

Filename: a-history-of-christianity-in-india.pdf
ISBN: 0521548853
Release Date: 2004-01-29
Number of pages: 608
Author: Stephen Neill
Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Download and read online A History of Christianity in India in PDF and EPUB Christians form the third largest religious community in India. How has this come about? There are many studies of separate groups: but there has so far been no major history of the three large groups - Roman Catholic, Protestant and Thomas Christians (Syrians). This work attempts to meet the need for such a history. It goes right back to the beginning and traces the story through the ups and downs of at least fifteen centuries. It includes careful studies of the political and social background and of the non-Christian reactions to the Christian message. The narration is non-technical and should present few difficulties to the thoughtful reader; the more technical matters are dealt with in notes and appendices. This book will be of interest to all students of Church History and will also prove fascinating to many who are concerned with the development of Christianity as a world religion and in the dialogue between different forms of faith.

A History of Christianity

Filename: a-history-of-christianity.pdf
ISBN: 0312187238
Release Date: 1998-04-15
Number of pages: 304
Author: Owen Chadwick
Publisher: Macmillan

Download and read online A History of Christianity in PDF and EPUB Presents a history of the Christian faith, from its beginning as a Jewish sect to the impact of twentieth-century issues such as birth control, Muslim fundamentalism, and Nazi racism

A History of Christianity in Indonesia

Filename: a-history-of-christianity-in-indonesia.pdf
ISBN: 9789004170261
Release Date: 2008
Number of pages: 1
Author: Jan Sihar Aritonang
Publisher: BRILL

Download and read online A History of Christianity in Indonesia in PDF and EPUB Indonesia is the home of the largest single Muslim community of the world. Its Christian community, about 10% of the population, has until now received no overall description in English. Through cooperation of 26 Indonesian and European scholars, Protestants and Catholics, a broad and balanced picture is given of its 24 million Christians. This book sketches the growth of Christianity during the Portuguese period (1511-1605), it presents a fair account of developments under the Dutch colonial administration (1605-1942) and is more elaborate for the period of the Indonesian Republic (since 1945). It emphasizes the regional differences in this huge country, because most Christians live outside the main island of Java. Muslim-Christian relations, as well as the tensions between foreign missionaries and local theology, receive special attention.

The Cambridge History of Christianity Volume 8 World Christianities C 1815 c 1914

Filename: the-cambridge-history-of-christianity-volume-8-world-christianities-c-1815-c-1914.pdf
ISBN: 0521814561
Release Date: 2006-01
Number of pages: 683
Author: Sheridan Gilley
Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Download and read online The Cambridge History of Christianity Volume 8 World Christianities C 1815 c 1914 in PDF and EPUB This is the first scholarly treatment of nineteenth-century Christianity to discuss the subject in a global context. Part I analyses the responses of Catholic and Protestant Christianity to the intellectual and social challenges presented by European modernity. It gives attention to the explosion of new voluntary forms of Christianity and the expanding role of women in religious life. Part II surveys the diverse and complex relationships between the churches and nationalism, resulting in fundamental changes to the connections between church and state. Part III examines the varied fortunes of Christianity as it expanded its historic bases in Asia and Africa, established itself for the first time in Australasia, and responded to the challenges and opportunities of the European colonial era. Each chapter has a full bibliography providing guidance on further reading.

A History of Christianity

Filename: a-history-of-christianity.pdf
ISBN: 9780141957951
Release Date: 2009-09-24
Number of pages: 1184
Author: Diarmaid MacCulloch
Publisher: Penguin UK

Download and read online A History of Christianity in PDF and EPUB Christianity, one of the world's great religions, has had an incalculable impact on human history. This book, now the most comprehensive and up to date single volume work in English, describes not only the main ideas and personalities of Christian history, its organisation and spirituality, but how it has changed politics, sex, and human society. Diarmaid MacCulloch ranges from Palestine in the first century to India in the third, from Damascus to China in the seventh century and from San Francisco to Korea in the twentieth. He is one of the most widely travelled of Christian historians and conveys a sense of place as arrestingly as he does the power of ideas. He presents the development of Christian history differently from any of his predecessors. He shows how, after a semblance of unity in its earliest centuries, the Christian church divided during the next 1400 years into three increasingly distanced parts, of which the western Church was by no means always the most important: he observes that at the end of the first eight centuries of Christian history, Baghdad might have seemed a more likely capital for worldwide Christianity than Rome. This is the first truly global history of Christianity.

A New History of Christianity

Filename: a-new-history-of-christianity.pdf
ISBN: 9781426719141
Release Date: 2012-08-01
Number of pages: 292
Author: Hans J. Hillerbrand
Publisher: Abingdon Press

Download and read online A New History of Christianity in PDF and EPUB This book is a history of Christianity from its earliest beginnings to the end of the twentieth century. The book provides students with an introduction to the many persons, places, movements, and events necessary for the telling of our story, the story of the Church. This history of Christianity is told in its essentials, simply and straightforwardly for students with little or no experience in the academic study of religion. It is a story told within the complex contexts of larger world events and world cultures, but defined and simplified by attention to those developments which have proven most influential for the past and present shaping of Church thought and practice. The book is a comprehensive and definitive introduction to the history of Christianity. It provides students with the necessary outline and description of the broad sweep of movements and periods in this history, but it also pauses at important points to provide details about the lives of Christians as lived at various times and in various locations. This story is told in easy-to-understand prose and with illustrative photographs, maps and charts.

Christianity as a World Religion

Filename: christianity-as-a-world-religion.pdf
ISBN: 9781472569370
Release Date: 2016-11-03
Number of pages: 360
Author: Sebastian Kim
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

Download and read online Christianity as a World Religion in PDF and EPUB Now in its second edition, Christianity as a World Religion locates Christianity within its global context. Structured by geographical region, it covers Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, North America, and Oceania. It deals with four dimensions of Christianity in each context: Christian history, churches and society, interreligious relations, and distinctive worship and theology. Study questions and further reading suggestions are provided in each chapter. Fully updated throughout, this second edition now includes: - A new chapter covering Christianity in Oceania - Further analysis of the early growth of Christianity in Asia and Africa - Coverage of research trends in migration, theologies of prosperity, and the role of local agents in evangelization - Coverage of global interconnections and networks, new movements, global Catholicism, Christian political engagement and persecution of Christian communities - A thorough revision of the conclusion, including reflection on the discipline of world Christianity and its implications for theology - 40 images and maps - Chapter summaries - Extra resources online including a timeline and weblinks - New text design and layout, making the text more student-friendly and accessible Christianity as a World Religion is ideal for courses on World Christianity, Christianity as a Global Religion, the History of Christianity and contemporary Christian theology.

Zondervan Handbook to the History of Christianity

Filename: zondervan-handbook-to-the-history-of-christianity.pdf
ISBN: 0310262704
Release Date: 2007-02-01
Number of pages: 559
Author: Jonathan Hill
Publisher: Lion Hudson

Download and read online Zondervan Handbook to the History of Christianity in PDF and EPUB Presents a sweeping history of the Christianity, from the time of Jesus and the apostles to the present day, covering the Early and Later Church Fathers; Africa, the Middle East, and the Missions East; the Middle Ages; the Reformation; and Reason and Revival in vivid and engaging detail.

The Cambridge History of Christianity Volume 7 Enlightenment Reawakening and Revolution 1660 1815

Filename: the-cambridge-history-of-christianity-volume-7-enlightenment-reawakening-and-revolution-1660-1815.pdf
ISBN: 052181605X
Release Date: 2006-12-07
Number of pages: 678
Author: Stewart J. Brown
Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Download and read online The Cambridge History of Christianity Volume 7 Enlightenment Reawakening and Revolution 1660 1815 in PDF and EPUB Explores the impact of the Enlightenment, the religious re-awakenings and revolution on the Christian church.

A Concise History of Christianity

Filename: a-concise-history-of-christianity.pdf
ISBN: 0495130303
Release Date: 2007
Number of pages: 380
Author: R. Dean Peterson
Publisher: Wadsworth

Download and read online A Concise History of Christianity in PDF and EPUB In this concise, yet thorough, book, R. Dean Peterson situates Christian history in the larger matrix of world history. Peterson's lively prose helps students identify the most significant events and movements in the history of Christianity and, in this edition, pays particular attention to rich diversity that is a hallmark of contemporary Christianity around the world.